This Hand Project is an independent activist project aimed at illustrating the structural causes of wealth inequality in the settlement of Boston, MA. The highlighted structural cause of wealth inequality is corporate tax dodging and use of shadowy corporate tax infrastructure. For more information, please see our page on Delaware. For a general overview of corporate tax dodging, you are invited to watch this video by TLDR News:


Wealth inequality is not an accident; it is created from economic actors guarding their accumulated wealth while expropriating wealth from the people at the same time. The discourse of wealth inequality touched the United States in the decade of the 2010s after Occupy Wall Street touched down in New York City, and was strengthened by leaks of information like the so-called Panama Papers leak in 2015. This Hand Project seeks to implicate Boston, one of the first major outposts of transnational capital in the Western Hemisphere, as being a major site of wealth inequality.

The information you are seeing here relates to corporate tax dodging. Corporate tax dodging is a series of mechanisms by which corporations with large amounts of revenue and equity avoid the payment of tax owed, generally through scrupulous structural means that are out of the understanding of the common working man. This Hand Project aims to expose these mechanisms and break this process down for the common people. 

The overarching goal of This Hand Project is to illustrate how broken the societies of Boston and Massachusetts are due to this large-scale practice of corporate tax dodging. The information presented here represents over $31B in property value that is owned by shell corporations who are employing tax dodging practices. An unknown amount of earnings and holdings from that sum is owed to the working people of Boston and Massachusetts through the tax pool. Many of the LLCs listed here only pay the minimum corporate income tax in Massachusetts -- $456/year. 


This Hand Project hopes to envision what's possible: a Boston society where wealth is democratized and leveraged for the working people through the appropriate levying of taxes upon corporations who vastly have the resources to pay them.